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Self-Storage Units

We Take Care of Your Stuff

Your Trusted Self-Storage Facility 

What size do i need?

Fairplain Self Storage offers a variety of features and size options for your specific storage needs, including Secured Self Storage Units, and Temperature control Storage Units.

5 x 10

1 bedroom

6 x 12 Trailer

Walk-In Closet size

10 x 10

One Bedroom Apartment

15' Trailer

Average Bedroom Size

10 x 12

16' Truck

10 x 15

1-2 Bedroom
20' Truck
Large Bedroom

10x 20

2-3 Bedroom House
24' Truck
Average 1 Car Garage


3-4 Bedroom House
24' Truck

10 x 30

4-5 Bedroom House

10 x 40

Full House
2 Car Garage
(bumper to bumper)

Already know what size you're looking for??

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*$25 Non-Refundable Deposit Required.  Deposit will roll over to Security Deposit when rental is complete.  Reservations will automatically cancel if not converted to a rental within 3 days of scheduled move in date.  

Storage Units

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About Us

Sparkle U-Stor-It was started in 1989.  Now Fairplain Self Storage, est. 2023, is a new name for a new generation.  Same great staff with their same friendly faces.  Fairplain Self Storage provides state of the art facilities with the latest surveillance and climate control technology. Our commitment to customer support make us the leading Storage Facility in the greater Benton Harbor area. We stand behind our exceptional customer service, and your satisfaction is our success. Visit our sizing guide and see what we have to offer you!

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Our Team


24 Hour Kiosk

Fairplain Self Storage has now made renting a storage unit even more convenient. We offer a 24-hour kiosk that allows you to rent a unit, even when the office is closed. That means evenings, weekends and even holidays you can rent from our automated kiosk. You still get immediate access to the unit!

Upcoming Lien Sales

Public Act 177, by Michigan Law requires all storage facilities to open a delinquent Tenant’s storage unit, take a visual inventory and make a brief description of all the storage unit contents. The units are tagged with Numbered Tamper Proof Tags.  The unit(s) are not opened again until the Lien Sale "purchaser" opens the purchased unit. 

A Tenant has up till the Lien Sale "Purchaser" pays, to pay up any outstanding balance and take possession of their storage unit. We as a company are not allowed by the Michigan Lien Law to remove any contents prior to the storage unit Lien Sale, this would be considered "stealing" and breaking the law.

Note:  All lein sales take place online at  Please contact the office with any questions at (269) 925-9912.

Upcoming Lien Sales:

Online Auctions will begin ending at 9:00am EST on April 23, 2024

     Unit 0856 - Paul Sellers, Benton Harbor, MI

Online Auctions will end as soon as April 29, 2024

      Unit 0762 - Tjuana McIntosh, Benton Harbor, MI

Online Auctions will end as soon as May 2, 2024

     Unit 0917 - Linda Hollins, Benton Harbor, MI

     Unit 0703 - Jeffrey Holloway, Michigan City, IN

Online Auctions will end as soon as May 9, 2024

     Unit 0278 - Rebecca Branscumb, Benton Harbor, MI

Online Auctions will end as soon as May 10, 2024

      Unit 0666 - Sean Mitchell, Benton Harbor, MI

Online Auctions will end as soon as May 11, 2024

     Unit 0150 - Stephen Rockette, Benton Harbor, MI

Online Auctions will end as soon as May 18, 2024

     Unit 0604 - Crystal Jennings, Benton Harbor, MI

Online Auctions will end as soon as May 23, 2024

     Unit 0275 - Gary Watson, Benton Harbor, MI


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