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What size do i need?

Something for Everyone

Fairplain Self Storage offers a variety of features and size options for your specific storage needs, including Secured Self Storage Units, and Temperature control Storage Units.

We Have The Following Size Options

Add a general description of the items listed below. You can introduce the list and include any relevant information you want to share. Double click to edit the text.

5 x 10

1 bedroom

6 x 12 Trailer

Walk-In Closet size

10 x 10

10 x 15

10 x 12

One Bedroom Apartment

15' Trailer

Average Bedroom Size


16' Truck

1-2 Bedroom

20' Truck

Large Bedroom

10x 20


10 x 30

2-3 Bedroom House

24' Truck

Average 1 Car Garage

3-4 Bedroom House

24' Truck

4-5 Bedroom House

10 x 40

Full House

2 Car Garage

(bumper to bumper)

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